Ravin provides comprehensive Field testing and Fault locating services for under the ground cables. When cable faults occur, it causes great loss of power and in most cases this means loss of revenue. Thus field testing and fault locating services are of prime importance to large projects.

  • Fault location engineer / AP if required will carry out safe switching of electrical system
  • Fault location engineer / AP will take full control of electrical safety.
  • Fault location engineer / AP will commence with pinpointing the position of the fault.

Once pinpointed then client is free to choose our service offered by projects team for repair of the fault.

Fault location services are carried out by highly experienced and qualified Engineers using the latest test equipment available from leading manufacturers.

The benefits apply to

  • Transmission & Distribution grids
  • Process Industry
  • Oil- and Gas Industry
  • Cable Manufacturers – Reference measurements – Quality control