Ravin Group houses the most comprehensive range of cables including Low Voltage, Medium Voltage,High Voltage, Aerial Bunched, Fire Survival, Specialty and Extra High Voltage Cables. All cables comply with international and
relevant local standards.

Ravin manufactures High Voltage cables which can be used for bulk transmission of power. These cables are triple layered XLPE insulated, dry cured and cool manufactured as per national and international standards for a voltage grade of 150 kV

Specification: Cables as per BIS/IEC/VDE or other international specifications
Voltage Grade: 66 kV to 150 kV
Cross Sectional Area: 95 mm2 to 2000 mm2
Conductor: Aluminum / Copper
Insulation: Super clean XLPE
Metallic Sheath: Aluminum/ Lead/Composite of copper screen +Lead
Armour: Aluminum wire
Sheathing: HR-PVC or HDPE with extruded layer of semi conducting material

**All cables can be customized as per customer specifications